Monday, August 6, 2012

E-Book Review: Long Time Coming by Vanessa Miller

Long Time Coming 

I received this eBook free on Amazon awhile back and decided to start it and ended up finishing in two days!  Its a story following two different lives.  First, is Diedre, an African American Christian principal of an elementary school who is having personal problems conceiving a child.  Second is Kenisha, non believer and mother to one of Diedra's students who learns of an illness that will take her life and needs to find a home to her three young children.  The womens' lives intersect and although the story is predictable that Kenisha will ask Diedra to adopt her children, the story itself is engrossing.  Unfortunately, sometimes the author goes from making Kenisha's language be that of a girl from the "projects" and then later as a woman who has overcome her poverty and is very educated.  This difference just annoyed me like the author was forgetting the character.  Or maybe it was just that I didn't picture Kenisha using such language? I'm not sure if it was was me or the author after all.  I found myself also getting mad at Kenisha's family for being so rude and not helping her in her time of sickness and wonder if there really are such selfish families out there. 

Overall it was a great read and I would definitely pickup another book from Vanessa Miller.  The book can be found in my Amazon store above!

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