Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A day in the life

Tomorrow is my last day of training at work and I get to move to the location that is closer to home and opposite of the downtown rush hour. So far everything is going good and I think I will love the overloaded super busy aspect and hoping there is a gym next door because apparently this girl forgot how to juggle working and working out when I took a month off.

Launa is still enjoying school. She had music today and was excited to learn that she gets to try instruments out in the near future. Her favorite class has moved from lunch to gym now too.

Charlie and Dad are still home bonding and doing garage projects and potty training. He is doing great with multiple poops this week. I am staying in the loop at work with some good pictures though (see below)!

Overall, we are settling into a nice routine but still homebodies without friends. We have visitors in less than eight weeks though!!!

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