Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lazy day

Today was deemed no pants and no bra day. It was awesome. Some poor old guy rang the door bell but I saved his poor eyes and didn't answer the door. No clue who he was so you know we wouldn't have answered anyway. We are too big of suckers for door to door sales and charities- it cost me $10 to answer to a stranger yesterday.

So we focused on potty training again. This time Kit got in on the action as well.

I am also somehow thinking of how to get my big goodwill Box into this pink bag for veterans donations later this month.

I think the potty training is going well for pee, but foresee poop issues.
Anyone with boys have a suggestion? And don't even think our tubby boy wouldn't pull the Cheerio out of his own pee and eat it so leave that suggestion out. :)

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Keeley said...

If you find something that works, let me know!

Gwen (3 1/2) won't poop on the potty to save her life. We still have pee accidents from time to time, but wear diapers at night because she uses that time to poop in her diaper (and can't stay dry through the night anyway).