Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Monday Funday!

I took Monday off for some bonding time for the aunts and nieces!  My sister and I took Launa and Whitney to Adventureland and it was a grueling great 8 hours!

Launa decided she didn't need to wear her suit under her clothes and just strolled around in her swimsuit eventually.  She is a very confident person which is good so didn't seem to mind the looks from other little kids.

The girls were very brave and rod the Silly Silo and the Tornado without too much time getting called sissies coaxing.

Funny thing is that the Aunts didn't ride the Silly Silo because its so SCARY!

They rode every ride we wanted to (except the upside down coaster)

Food wise we made pretty good decisions I think:

W-sub sandwich, chips, drink
L-walking taco, drink
S-burrito, chips, drink
D-cheeseburger, fries, drink

The girls also got a snack of Dippin' Dots (how else were we to get them out of the water park) and a couple of cold bottled waters and lemonades along the way.

Overall it was a good day and this old lady was sleeping by 9pm!

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