Friday, June 29, 2012

It's hot!

The heat has gotten to us and it's a whole lot of nothing as far as activity here today. I just put away Launa's hair ties and am now seating like a pig so back to the fan by the couch I go.

The hall/kids bath is all set up. I do want to get a shower curtain to add some color and hide those gold doors but need a job to pay for those things first. :)

The pantry is stocked nicely but in this heat cold food always sounds best. My hot tea, yogurt and blueberries were hijacked this morning but it still held me over until corn dogs for lunch.

We are keeping our eyes to the front window to return the plate to the neighbor that delivered chocolate chip cookies on it and to invite the little girls to play and/or swim.

If it cools down I am going to tackle the garage so I can Park in there and reduce the heat in my car by about 30 degrees! Black cars are so rare in Arizona and I know why!

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