Saturday, June 30, 2012

To AC or not to AC?

One of the biggest adjustments since moving to Arizona has been (of course) the HEAT!  I'm talking not less than 110 every day so far, which is apparently a little unusually hot (of course).  Its not so much the heat that's the problem but the lack of air conditioning.  You see when you run the air from 12pm to 7pm Monday through Friday your bill is basically double quadrupeled for those hours (8 times regular price per watt).  This is to cut down on what people use.  Normally it wouldn't be such a big deal because we would be at work.  But when you are unpacking and setting up it gets hot fast.  And if you know me - the air setting will not be changed based upon the outrageous billing prices. 

So we have integrated a system that Chad's parents are using quite nicely.  The air is cranked down to around 79 until 11:59 and then its off.  Until 7pm.  Off.  Today it only got up to 91 in the house during this time period.  That is the coollest yet.  We are almost done setting up so I think it will be fine once we start being lazier or get out into the pool more but this adjustment is not easy.  Also when we get jobs we will be gone for the majority of this time so it won't matter.

I hope this strategy pays off when we get our monthly bill.  I anticipate this being only an issue for June through August since those are the hot months.  After that we will have the windows open and the breeze blowing through these big picture windows.  Until then all shutters are drawn and fans are on.

This also means my laundry and dishwasher times are only before noon or after 7pm during the week.  But guess what? Weekends are regular rate!! So I'll be sitting comfy tomorrow folks!

What are your helpful  hints for saving electricity for me?  Please share!

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