Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wine & Love

This week I'm participating in Nora's weekly Wine & Love post where you post things of the week that you love and things you want to wine about.


**I love that I get to work at home and be part of the kids' lives as they grow up. (Even if sometimes I want to pull out my hair at the mess and the fights!)

**I love that my husband tries to "hit my spot" for dinner every night and that he is fine with our arrangement that he is the cook of the house.

**I'm loving this 40 degree weather.  That's right.  40 degrees.  Yuck.  But better than below zero it could be.


**I'm not impressed with my remote computer connection and abilities to work from home lately.  I feel like I have the tech support on speed dial and I'm having to use them way too much.  Yet I don't want to grip to anyone because I get to work at home and its awesome.

**I hate that my hair has this Muffasa like condition where everyone knows if I haven't showered or combed it because its a fro on a white girl.  I can't tame it down and I just want to be lazy and not shower on my work at home days (without it being so obvious of course).

**I hate that I workout 4 times a week and am trying to alter my diet yet the scale it STUCK.

What are your loves and wines of the week?

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