Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Celebrating Winter

Its official that we have bought a new house in Arizona!  We have the house payment bill on the counter to prove it too (boo).  Our home here is still for sale so we have planned to stay put a few months through t-ball season, dance recital and just before Kindergarten will start in our new area.

So we are headed to sunny skies and new adventures soon but first...we must celebrate winter because it will be the last (except "vacations" back) for the kids.  We've really just begun to have snowy blistery cold weather so its been our first opportunity to get outside and freeze our butts off  make snow angels.

Although he REFUSES to keep gloves on Charlie is loving the snow and of course eating it.

On a funny note a woman at dance today said Launa was singing that Rhianna song the entire time: 
I found love in a homeless place. 

Ha Ha!

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