Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Crazy Busy Days...

We are officially 8 days until the Audi pulls out of the driveway we have been at for 11 years and makes a journey across the country to a house we bought three months ago and one I've never even seen in person yet!  Things are officially on the downward spiral and more than hectic over here.

As always, we waited until THE NIGHT BEFORE to finish up all of these random projects for the new owners and their final walk through tomorrow.  We could be seen doing things by the porch light and being attacked by mosquitoes but we didn't want them to see semi finished projects on the final walk through so I'm off to finish touching up the paint from the Spackle we did from the nail holes we've made, etc., etc., etc.

I've been crazy busy at work too training my replacement (aptly named Sarah) and so if I eat its whatever is in the fridge and I haven't worked out since LAST THURSDAY (my body is almost in starvation mode from lack of exercise if that's possible-I'm not counting our leisurely stroll to the library the other day because I didn't increase my heart rate one iota). 

Intake of Fuel today:
Breakfast: coffee, special K bar
Lunch: spaghetti, 1 c salad, roaster red pepper dressing
Dinner: 1 fajita, then fajita mix without shell, tortilla chips, cheese dip - Yes we went to Guadalajara on our way to Menard's for supplies. :)

Okay I'm continue to paint.
I want the paint smell as much out of here as possible before these folks come by tomorrow.
Ta Ta!

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