Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Life Update

Lately the blog has been so boring with just coupon links I thought I'd take a break from work a minute to update you on the life changes we've got coming.

**As you may recall our house has been for sale FOREVER.  We finally got serious and hired the BEST realtor who got it sold in about 90 days to basically the best case scenario couple we could ask for. 

Our new house, in Arizona, didn't come with a washer, dryer, or fridge.  The new buyers didn't want any of our appliances! 

We already had set plans to make our big move (across the country) at the end of June so when we got the offer we were quickly scrambling to think which family member it would be best to live with for a couple of months.  Although we love all of our family we aren't your typical clean, quiet family and two small kinds isn't common in our family so having us four invading any house would be a challenge for the entire lot.  THANKFULLY the couple who bought our house didn't want to close until the end of June!  Its like it was meant to be.  So we are still in our house savoring the last 49 days (I'm not counting down or anything)

As frustrated as we've been over the last couple of years trying to sell the house on our own it seems that there was a plan in the works and everything was just as it should be.  HUGE sigh of relief that the largest part of our move is taken care of.

**Last week the husband and a friend took a Penske truck to AZ with most of our stuff.  I mean MOST of our stuff.  We dwindled down what we could live with to basically one storage tote for the bathroom (towels, hair stuff), one storage tote per person for clothes (yikes!!!!), one storage tote for shoes for all four of us (Launa and I are already not happy with this), two boxes of toys (most of which will be given away the day before we move to a woman at my work with a new grand baby), and probably two storage totes for kitchen things, plus food that we are hoping to finish off before we leave.  I've left to small ride on toys for the kids but THANKFULLY the new owners want to keep the swing set so we don't have to worry about getting rid of it and we can play on it for the next couple of months.  Thankfully we are also moving in the summer so we are doing lots of outdoor walking and riding and parks, etc. to wear out these crazy kids.

**Penske damaged about 80% of our stuff.  No kidding.  Thanks for adding one more stressful thing on my plate (if we have any plates left that is!)  Grr....oh well life goes on right?

We are getting lots of questions on the move so here are is your FAQ:

Why not?  Okay though seriously we've always talked about moving to Arizona after going to a wedding probably in about 2001.  However, we didn't get on the horse and do it before the kids.  (Probably would have been easier/not made so many people mad if we had done it beforehand)  Then Chad's parents retired down there, he helped move them, he's been a few times, and we just had to try it before we regret not trying it.  Now is the perfect time before the kids start school (Launa will start Kindergarten down there)

Do you have jobs?
Nope.  We are crazy but already applying and getting on the horse in that aspect.  We are confident we will find something quickly, I mean - who wouldn't want us to work for them? Iowans are KNOWN for being hard workers and smart folks.  Obvi.

Why can't you just buy a vacation house and live half there half here?
Because we didn't win MegaMillions.  Duh.

So there it is.  The update on the fam.
Anything else you're wondering?  Go ahead and ask and I'll reply in the comments! 

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