Tuesday, May 15, 2012

COUPON - Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks

I was given the opportunity from Ocean Spray® through MyBlogSpark, to pass on a GREAT coupon to my readers for Ocean Spray fruit snacks.  When I saw this I was excited because we just bought some and the kids LOVE them, I only wish we had this coupon last week.  Oh well that's how my timing goes most days. :)

These fruit flavored snacks contain 100% daily dose of your Vitamin C, are gluten free, contain only 80 calories, and are available with double Box Tops (I wish more companies had Box Tops).  The colors come from natural sources not dyes and they are made from apple, pear and cranberry juice.  Although not as good as the real thing its closer than most fruit snacks get.  The kids can eat an entire box of fruit snacks if you let them so I've been hunting for the most nutritious ones we can find, if they are out there.  And although store brand are CHEAP I'm willing to pay more if it gives the kids some actual nutrition and they like it.  So...I'm a fan. 

Go get that $1.10 COUPON !

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