Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekend In Review: An empty schedule leads to busy times!

On Thursday I thought we were in store for a fun filled weekend at home with the family.  Why do those weekends turn into the busiest?

Friday night we  hit Black Market Pizza in Ames for a family dinner and we very satisfied with that trip.  We didn't have enough time to hit Sam's club as anticipated so saved that for Saturday.

Launa had a birthday party on Saturday so I took her there and hit Target for some shopping for my upcoming St Patty's 5k outfit (this weekend - definitely posting afterwards!) and some spur of the moment Shoe Carnival sales.  Then we headed out and about including Sam's Club, Noodles (yummy), Valley West Mall (and the play place - kindly referred to by Launa as the germ place), and just overall walking around and wearing out the kids.  It turned out it wore mama out too and after Sunday family breakfast I was pooped and settled down for a ridiculous nap (while daddy and Launa hit the hot tub), family clean-a-thon, and movies.

It was a great, busy weekend!   I will definitely try to post the video of the hurricane tunnel from the mall this week!

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