Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Book Review: Woman in Red by Eileen Goudge

I picked this book up at Half Price Books some time ago and just got around to reading it (as I'm trying to read all of my hardback books before we move to make the boxes lighter!)

Book Description (via Amazon.com)

May 5, 2008
Alice Kessler spent nine years in prison for the attempted murder of the drunk driver who killed her eldest son. Now she has returned home to Grays Island to reconnect with the son she left behind. Her little boy, Jeremy, an angry teenager now, is wrongly accused of rape, and so mother and son are thrown together in a desperate attempt to prove his innocence. At the same time, Alice must battle the man responsible for putting her behind bars, who has since become the mayor of her hometown. She is aided by Colin McGinty, a recovering alcoholic and 9/11 widower. Colin has also recently returned to the island in the aftermath of the death of his grandfather, a famous artist best known for his haunting portrait, Woman in Red, which happens to be of Alices grandmother. In a tale that weaves the past with the present, we come to know the story behind the portrait, of the forbidden wartime romance between William McGinty and Eleanor Styles, and the deadly secret that bound them more tightly than even their love for each other. A secret that, more than half a century later, is about to be unburied, as Alice and Colin are drawn into a fragile romance of their own and the ghost of an enemy from long ago surfaces in the form of his grandson, the very man responsible for sending Alice to prison."
My thoughts:
At first you need to get used to the book talking from present day and then from the past, but when you realize it intermingles its such a great read.  Its so fascinating to see how the lives of our grandparents interact with ours even if we are unaware.  I thought this was a great book.  I think its the first I've read from this author and enjoyed it very much! 

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