Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WIR: Weekend in Review

It was a fun and fast weekend.   Friday was family night at home.

Saturday was BUSY.  I left the house at 7am to workout with some friends and then hit a fun run.

I participated in the local St Patty's 5k (which was no required running but definitely required drinking!) and then headed to the biggest loser final party (my sister's contest she threw together) where I MC'd the winner.  (Which I felt terrible about later given my condition after the run!!  6...7...8..(who knows) bars in four hours!? I'm not 21 anymore and my body told me so on Sunday.

So...here are some photos - no explanation or timeline needed...its pretty obvious :)

The outfits were good - too small sweats - fanny pack - tramp stamp temporary tattoo -

Favorite star!

It all went downhill from here.....

I don't appear on the camera after ducking through my sister's legs.  THANK GOODNESS.

It was a great time though!
Part of the entry fees went to Amanda the Panda, a local Iowa organization that gives presents to children at Christmas time who have had a family member die in those recent days.  So my two days of headache and sluggishness were all for charity!

I rounded out the weekend with Sunday Funday (somehow I managed not to stay on the couch all day).  We headed to lunch at NYC Pizza, a little groceries at Trader Joe's, and then fro yo at Orange Leaf.  But not to worry, I did manage my nap when we got home. 

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