Thursday, February 16, 2012

Do you discipline other kids?

I saw on a recent Facebook post where someone posed this question and it got TONS of reaction and different responses so I'm just curious as to what others think.

Do you correct/discipline other people's children?
If someone does it to your kids, do you mind?

There were tons of comments on both sides of this question but the one thing that stuck out was this example:

A person is shopping in a store.  A 10 year old-ish kid comes up and flings their cart down the aisle.  They are total strangers.  There is no parent with the 10 year old.  Do you ignore it?

HECK NO!  I would say something like watch it buddy where's your mom!  If my kid did this to a perfect stranger and that stranger didn't yell at them I would be highly disappointed.  Then I would immediately leave the store, yes with a full cart, and ensue long lecture to my cart flinging jerk of a kid.  Seriously? You would be mad if someone pointed out your kid was just an A-Hole to them?  Are you also okay that they are apparently a tattle tale? 


Another example was if a child asks for something without manners, and the parent is nearby, do you comment on it?  I have found my 5 year old not using manners then I personally prompt her - say please, where are your manners, etc.  I have said it to other kids - can you ask me nicer? 

There were folks flying off the handle saying how it would be rude of me to prompt some manners from their kids.  Well guess what?  If you don't I will.  Or I'll just use the rule we use - no manners, no item.  Done deal.  Ask better next time or you don't get it at all.

If you don't demand respect from your children do you expect them to give it to others? 

I reviewed some of the comments and some of the mom's commenting that no one else is allowed to discipline their children and they would be upset, etc. just happen to have some of the whiniest kids I've ever met...mmm...coincidence? 

If one of my kids is a jerk - please call them out on it, demand manners, take away privileges.  I don't think a total stranger has the right to spank them or anything but the family sure does!

Okay rant over.  Thanks for listening.

What are your thoughts?

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