Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Frugal Tuesday Tip: Cleaning your Appliances Saves Money

I read a recent article about cleaning your appliances once a year helps save their life and your money.  Here are some tips I read about:

Refrigerator/Deep freeze:  Vacuum and dust the coils will help it to run more efficiently.  Be sure to pull it out and do the back and also underneath where you can reach.

Dishwasher:  Remove the blades and clean food gunk off of them, run it on a cold cycle with extra detergent and empty at least once a year to remove debris on the inside.

Vacuum: Remove belts (and hair, string, toys, etc. from the belt area) and clean out completely or remove canisters for good cleaning if its a bag less model.

Television: Vacuum the dust off the back as much as possible, while you're back there do the DVD player and all those components too!

This post is part of the Frugal Tuesday Tip.  Check out more of their good ideas here!

Do you have any appliance cleaning/money saving tips to share?  Please comment below!

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