Thursday, June 30, 2011

Strike It Rich with Pocket Change By Ken Potter and Dr. Brian Allen

Strike It Rich with Pocket Change


Ken Potter & Dr. Brian Allen

Book Description given by Book Sneeze:

In late 2007 a collector found a double die cast 1969 Lincoln cent piece in a plain brown roll of coins. That penny was auctioned in early January 2008 for $126,500.00. To the untrained eye, that penny might look no different than any other. But in their concise and informative book, Ken Potter and Dr. Brian Allen give you all the tools you need to spot mint errors and turn small coins - ones you may have in your pocket right now, or that big glass jug at home - into big cash. They distill their years of collecting experience into simple chapters like 'Age Does Not Equal Value', 'Tools of the Trade', and 'Where to Sell Your Coins' that show you step-by-step how to spot and sell these treasures.

My Review:

Strike It Rich is definitely a book that will tell you how to make money off of your pocket change.  The book starts out giving some background on coin collecting and coins in general with some outlandish examples of pennies worth thousands.  I had a hard time getting into the book during the initial pages because it is just written in a manner that does not make it an easy read.  The majority of the book shows photographs of the coins and points out their flaws and how to tell the difference and the price ranges of what the coins could be worth.  Its definitely detail oriented and would help you find the flaws in your pocket change.  But the number of examples of flaws that are given would entail HOURS per coin until it becomes second nature to recognize the issues.  Of course you have to buy a magnifying glass and a scale to tell the flaws on some of them.

I think this book is written for a very specific reader, and I am not that person.  It wasn't exciting and I'm not sure I took a whole lot from it.  The end of the book has resources where you can go or check for selling your coins when you find flaws, etc.  I personally do not have the time or patience for this kind of hobby so didn't find this book for me.

If you have an interest in coins the book is very affordable on Amazon - check it out here for just $12!

Overall I'm rating it with 3 stars ***, only because it didn't interest me in the least.

I received this book from Book Sneeze in exchange for my honest review.  Are you interested in reading free books?  Check them out!

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