Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: Allegiant Airlines

We went to Florida last week.  No, not bragging, just letting you know of a GOOD company out there for prices and airline tickets.

We flew Allegiant.  They just started round trip/no layover flights from our area to Florida directly.
Being FRUGAL that we are we hitched a ride with friends to fly out of the Cedar Rapids airport via one way ticket, then bought one way tickets back  home from Florida to Des Moines.  Doing two one way flights saved us about $150 per couple.  Right there I am IMPRESSED.

Then we enter the Cedar Rapids airport.  Its small and we knew it.  But we didn't know how friendly some airport employees could be.  We were greeted by a super clean lobby with smiling faces.  The Allegiant line was small and had a worker there tagging your luggage for you and then he gave us COMPLIMENTARY checking (we don't check bags if at all possible to be cheap FRUGAL).

The airport staff was nice, answering questions such as is the bar cheaper after or before security, what about the food, etc.  The bar staff was SUPER nice considering one of our patron's took advantage of their nice service and decent prices.

On the actual plane we didn't get assigned seats we went for open seating
(because it is really necessary that I read my book next to my husband for $23?! No thanks.  I am a big girl.  I can handle it alone.  Sorry Mr. Stranger if you can't handle my motion sickness though.).
We had no problems getting seats next to each other. 

No issues with having too many cocktails either :)

The Allegant staff was SUPER on our way back to Des Moines too.

Just wanted to give them some props because I've had some terrible flights and airline staff and we were super impressed by it all.

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