Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Matter of Grace by Jessica Barksdale Inclan

This was a book I picked up at a garage sale and it turned out to be SPECTACULAR.  Its a book about a group of 4 friends and although they all appear to have a close relationship, each is hiding something from the others.  Its a great book about friendships and an underlying message to pay attention to your friends and the things they aren't telling you.  They are all mother's who lives tend to revolve around their kids but each is going through something they are hesitant to share with their whole circle or any of them at all.  It was a great story about the attempt to rescue one of them going through a major health crisis. Grace tells them she has cancer but all signs point to her strange treatments, doctors no one is allowed to meet, and her continued ability to work out at the gym daily even through chemo.  Grace's story is the main story but the other three women have challenges of their own to work through as well as helping their sick friend.


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