Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Book Review: No He Can't by Kevin McCoullough

Thanks to Book Sneeze I have another book to review!
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This was a spectacular read. I am not an avid supporter of our President and this book reinforces the fears and lack of accomplishment that I was/am feeling has happened over the last two years. McCullough puts into simple easy to read terms the complaints of most Americans with our current administration and President elect. I was impressed to see the book stated the facts and is not a bashing type read. I love the candidness and suggestions made by the author as well as the numerous articles of support that are listed out for those neigh Sayers. I think this book should definitely be read by those who have or intend to vote in our next presidential election so that eyes can be opened up with regard to how much is promised vs. How much is actually accomplished. I love that the author likes to hit home with the point that most are forgetting: "we don't work for the government; they work for us!" (pg 159) Please read this book!

If you are interested in there are some CHEAP copies on Amazon including a Kindle edition. Check those out Here.  I've already put this in my pile to pass on to family members through our personal book club!

*These are my opinions. I was not paid for these opinions. In exchange for the review I was given a free copy of the book to read and no other payment.*

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