Thursday, April 28, 2011

Photo Blog Hop #4 - A picture of your favorite night

CHALLENGE:  Post a picture to describe each topic.
 Its not too late to join by  putting a comment below with the link to your photo challenge post.   Just grab your camera (or old photos off of your computer) and post a picture and small story or explanation answering that day's challenge or just post the picture alone!  It will be random things for 30 posts.

Post #4: A picture of your favorite night.

This was hard to choose so I picked this one.  We found a random sports bar on a trip to Kansas City (after having the most DELISH lunch in a BBQ joint in a gas station via recommendation of my friend Katie).  My sister and I were off to find the local hair museum (yes you heard me right, we also thought it was weird so had to check it out) and then we stopped for one Bloody Mary and to settle the men in to watch the Hawkeyes.  Welll.......that afternoon turned into the most fun night of our vacation yet.  Who knew hole the in wall bars in the GHETTO of Kansas City could be the best? 


Creatively Wondering said...

This was an enjoyable time.
Not to mention later that night Darce not being allowed into the piano bar for mentioning something about a fake idea... right?!?!?

Reads, Rants, Raves and Reviews said...

Yo! I gotta fake ID!