Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dress Themselves?

Moral dilemma: Is it okay to let your kid go in public in the outfit of their choosing or should you battle over matching clothes? 

2-3 days a week Launa wants to have a pajama day.  And being frugal lazy I say okay.  Sometimes we are just home all day, but sometimes so wears PJ's to daycare/preschool.  It doesn't bother me one bit.  The other weekend she wanted to wear PJ's to church.  Its a "come as your are" advertised church, however I've NEVER seen anyone wearing PJ's.  Sometimes when she picks out her own clothes she's still wearing the PJ flannel bottoms and a sparkly dressy shirt.  And I don't care.  She's independent.  She's crazy.  She wears that weirdo outfit with style (sometimes including uncombed hair). 

People look at her strangely.  She's four!  Is it that big of a deal folks!? I'm interested to know your responses.  Not that I'll change.  Rock your own style lil' lady, you can't embarrass these parents, we do that for ourselves!

Let me know your thoughts:  Pick your battles or too embarrassing to handle?

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