Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fitness Continued.

Even after Body after Baby Challenge, I continue to try to live a healthier lifestyle.  I'm working out daily.  INCLUDING SUNDAYS.  This is HUGE for me.  I generally don't make it past the living room on Sundays, let alone out of pj's.  I've also been leaving the house and DOING STUFF on Sundays.  Its a miracle in and of itself.  And I'm exhausted yet feeling energized yet can't sleep.  Its a crazy cycle right now.  But I feel GREAT. 

My week of workouts has been routinely this:

Monday: Gym/run

Tuesday: Gazelle @home

(That's right ANOTHER infomercial item.  SHUT IT.)

Wednesday: Circuit Training class
Thursday: Gym/run
Friday: Gazelle
Saturday: Gym
Sunday: Gazelle

I also recently tried Jillian's 30 day shred.  And although I've only done it once I think her concepts are great.  She works big muscles and little muscles at the same time (squats with bicep curls).  Something she said also stuck with me :  You can do anything for two minutes.  I repeat this to myself over and over during circuit training where I want to stop doing 6,000 squats....She also said she has 400 lb people doing jumping jacks so don't even try to slack off.  It was like she was in my living room watching me half ass them. UGH! 

I'm embarrassing my inner Fergie (this time with my fly zipped) and pitting out like a motha! 

I haven't smoked (with the minor exception of one slip up) or drank alcohol for 3 weeks now and I'm running over a mile without stopping and without breathing so loudly the other gym rats can't hear the TV.  Its a plus.

I've borrowed my mama's Body Bugg for a couple of weeks and love it.  Logging every single thing you eat and seeing your actual calorie burn really makes you think about what you stick in your mouth and how many times I MAY avoid getting out of my nice comfy desk chair during the workday.  I didn't wear the Bugg today and feel like I still made healthy food choices and made sure I was out of that chair at least every hour.

THINGS ARE LOOKING GOOD!  My weight remains a steady number but I'm feeling great and that's what counts, right?

Props to my mama and my sister for each coming closer to their weight loss and fitness goals this year too!  It helps that we encourage each other and are doing our best to come up with fitness like fun things to do together, instead of just going out to eat. 

PS.  10 days until I see the sunny beaches of Cancun!!!

I can't decide if we should pack the hat or not.  Thoughts?

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