Monday, October 11, 2010

Re-selling Ventures

We have a three year old girl and with the birth of our second child who is a boy I've been going through the old clothes and toys we saved and listing them on ebay and craigslist to sell.  I really have no goal in mind for the money and I'm not keeping it separate for something but we are paying down our general debts (credit card, store account, and school loan).  Recently I listed my daughter's favorite Elmo dress from when she was 2.  This was apparently a hot item and ebay and someone paid $37 for one dress! There was a huge bidding war over this dress and it was crazy.  I'm now on the hunt for super cute Elmo attire at Goodwill to resell online.  Its amazing what people will pay for children's clothes.  We barely buy any clothes, relying on hand me downs and garage sales for most of our stuff.  Maybe I'll start keeping track of sales and profits and have a goal in mind for this stuff.

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