Monday, August 9, 2010


Thanks to Iowa weather and power outages and a busy weekend I haven't posted one thing regarding fitness since Thursday.  PERHAPS that's because I haven't really been fit this past weekend.  We had a weekend canoeing/camping trip so I was busy preparing for that and preparing the kids to stay overnight elsewhere.  I think Thursday was the last workout I had.  Canoeing sounds like a workout but I didn't pick up the oar once!  It was my mini vacation folks!  I did however, manage to pick up waaaaay to many Michelob Golden Lights and am just now recovering and remembering why I don't get crazy too often.  This girl is sore everywhere!

Well I'm back on the saddle again today and managed a Special K cereal breakfast, Spaghetti O's (we need to shop) and am going to dinner with my sister as far as meals go.  Let me tell you that is way healthier than it has been lately.  Last night I ate chips and an entire jar of homemade salsa for dinner.  Veggies right?? Right?

However, I did manage to get my butt on the Gazelle for 30 minutes tonight while we were waiting for the power to return...yikes that was sweaty too!

Hopefully the missing camera turns up (or the 3 year old remembers where she hid it!) and then I can get some exciting pics up.

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