Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Movie Review

Untraceable with Diane Lane.  This was a good movie.  From the description it discussed cybercops so I wasn't too thrilled but once we started to watch it was very interesting how a cyber killer could definitely exist in our current world and what could/would happen in that situation.  Very thrilling and easy to stay alert and watching.  Also isn't too big of a deal when you have to leave to get a bottle and you don't miss anything crucial!

Rating:  *** 

Green Zone             With Matt Damon (oh la la).  Great movie about the current war and how it could all be
                                due to miscommunication and how the real troops aren't knowledgeable in their actual  
                                mission and reason for being overseas.  I liked this a lot.

                                Rating:  ***

The Runaways - I figured this would be exciting and interesting being about Joan Jett and some music legends. BORING BORING. I had to turn this movie off - and I rarely turn off movies. I feel like I wasted about 45 minutes of my life on this movie.

Rating:  ZERO STARS.

***Highest Rating is ***  I was not paid for this review these are my opinions only.

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