Friday, August 20, 2010

Fitness Update

I continue to slack on my updates.  I'm progressing on posting things with pictures so bear with me folks!

I do really well at working out during the week it seems.  Specifically I believe my husband hinders the working out.  For some reason it just doesn't work when he's home.  I can manage with two kids but throw a 31 year old in the mix and things get jumbled.  It makes no sense.  Either or I may resort to just taking a photo of my calendar to update my progress.  Workouts are bolded in black to make me feel better (or annoy me that there is such white space).  As you can see I'm horrendous at working out on weekends.  I'm going to try to do something about that but we are just so busy.

I walk/ran two miles last night.  It was hot, sweaty, horrendous but felt oh so good afterward.  Hopefully I'm ready for the 5k in 8 DAYS!  My goal: not to be last place. 

I'm trying to do better at what I eat also.  We had all the right ingredients for my favorite meal from Maxie's (a local restaurant in West Des Moines) so I opted for a BLT salad for dinner last night and it was delish.

Mixed greens w/carrots, spinach, iceberg, purple cabbage mix from MIL
green onions
Ranch & French dressing
1 pc toast cut into 4 smaller pieces

Served with chocolate milk of course (I'm slightly obsessed with making my own chocolate milk with Nestle's powdered chocolate)

Daily question for the readers:
Do you tend to slack during the week or on weekends with fitness? Have you found a cure or helpful hint for me?

Post your comments and responses to the daily question!

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