Monday, May 24, 2010

First ER Visit

This weekend brought some excitement for us.  On Friday night my work wanted to have a small baby shower and so we did that at the apartment complex of a coworker.  It was good food, good company, great gifts.  Launa was my gift opener and was running back to the table to see if there were any more gifts when she stumbled over those 3 year old very uncoordinated legs and hit a table leg with her head.  Blood was gushing everywhere and there ended up being a nice sized hole in her forehead (about the size of the end of a butter knife).  Thank goodness the apartment is right behind the west side ER, so we rushed over to get 8 stitches!  She has one big shiner now which keeps getting more and more purple but its a great story for the new baby's baby book!

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