Monday, January 21, 2013

Review: Ology by Walgreens

Walgreens and ology were kind enough to send me some products to test and review for you folks!

ology is a new Walgreens all natural brand of household cleaners, even the bottles are recycled materials. I chose to review the fabric softener and the all purpose cleaner.

Both are great! I felt good about letting the kids use the multipurpose cleaner helping me nosing it won't be full of word things when one of them ultimately squirts it at the other or isn't paying attention and end sup eating it somehow. (you never know with these two). The multipurpose cleaner did great, not tons of it needed and smelled relatively good.

I was super satisfied with the fabric softener. First, we have a lot of dryness and issues with constantly getting shocked at work touching my filing cabinet, about 100 times a day, or just walking through Wal Mart. Using one small bottle cap per load has completely taken away my jolts for the last two weeks! I find this priceless!

Overall I am very satisfied with both products and combined with the Walgreens Balance Rewards and sales we will definitely be replenishing our supplies.

Try it today!

***These opinions are my own and were not purchased in any manner. I was compensated for the review by receiving complimentary products only and nit monetary incentives.***

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