Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review: Phoenix Zoo

So we woke bright and early at 5:30am to head to the zoo yesterday.  After giving away some free tshirts and things from my work we headed out for the 1k walk and to see the sites.  We walked around with someone from my work and her daughter and three granddaughters.  We actually ended up walking 5+ miles and the kids only sat in the stroller for like 15 minutes so they zonked out the minute we got to the car.

The kids of course wanted to do all the extras that cost money but since my work paid for my walk admission I figured we saved about $50 on going to the zoo so it was not big deal to spoil them with the extras.

 At the beginning of the walk there were some cheerleaders and of course we had to get a picture with them!

Charlie was NOT a fan of the camel, in fact he was shaking when I put him on there.  But of course wanted more when he got off and we also go to pet the camel so that was fun.  

The zoo had extras we were not prepared for: a playground with a small river and two different splash pads!
There was also sting ray bay where you can pet sting rays when they swim by.  Launa loved it.
 Charlie refused to put his hand in the water and just ran around and around the pool area. 

Overall it was a good experience but I know we didn't even see half of the zoo.
Definitely worth it and only about twenty minutes from home! 

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