Friday, September 28, 2012

General Life Update

Okay so I've been busy with life lately and don't have time to blog.  Yes its true we haven't met a ton of friends or have a packed social schedule but these kids and just living have kept me too busy to prioritize you!  Well I know you are wondering what excitement the Waugh family is up to lately so here is your random unasked for update.

Me:  I am still working and the law firm.  Its busy and fast paced and I like being bogged down day in and day out.  (Does that make me weird?)  The day flies by and I often find myself forcing myself to take a lunch break (strange I tummy isn't signaling me- maybe because I'm eating lots of fiber and protein for breakfast?).  There are 11 people at our location (the firm has 5 different offices in Phx) and only two are men.  Estrogen is flying and its not a good thing.  Everyone is nice.  To your face.  Then they email your supervisor to say you aren't doing your job right.  While they are busy whispering about your parking spot (REALLY!?  You've never been late and too lazy and parked in visitor parking?! Get over yourself old woman) and emailing your supervisor you are busy making your goals and in fact blowing them out of the water.  Take that gossip freaks!  Anyway, other than reliving the second grade and not being in the "in" crowd once more (but this time I don't give two shits), work is good.  The attorney I work for is super nice (he's younger than me!) and down to earth.  Most of the clients are nice but I do have a few random ones that call six to seven times a day.  SERIOUSLY?! 

Hubs:  Chad is still staying home with Charlie during the day and taking care of the house.  He has undertaken another project while his first project is in drying/painting stage.  He is, of course, enjoying his early stint at retirement but it won't last forever.  He is also busy buying things off of infommercials.  If you are visiting soon hopefully the miracle slippers will arrive for you to try out. :)

Launa:  Launa is in Kindergarten every day and loves it.  She is making more friends and talking more about them so I think she's having a good time.  No more issues with the kid picking on her so we are all good there.  She goes to after school care (like daycare but at the school) twice a week so she can interact and perhaps I can meet mom's when I pick her up to schedule weekend play dates.  She loves aftercare and wants to go every day.  She will get her wish when daddy goes back to work so for now we are just part time and kind of holding our spot in the program that way.  Launa goes to gymnastics once a week and I am always amazed at how strong she really is and flexible for such a clumsy kid who can run into a wall head on for no reason like she doesn't even see it.

Charlie:  Is growing like a weed.  Still happy most of the time.  Now he's talking our ears off and I swear he talks all night long even in his sleep.  He also randomly growls at people and waves like a politician to everyone where ever we go.  Too friendly perhaps.  Potty training hit a back fall last week but he seems to be getting back on track this week.  We interviewed a great in home daycare woman the other night who is just up the road and has only two other two year olds.  She is reasonably priced and even will entertain weekend nights for a date night if we need it. I think we are going to send him randomly now so she gets used to him and he to her before daddy goes back to work.  She is fine with a few hours or all day so I think it will be a great set up if we need someone.  Don't worry she has her fingerprint card (which is a state licensed thing where she passes all background tests, etc.) and she is CPR certified.  She also has two small dogs so Charlie will be in heaven since we are petless.

Overall things are good.  We are settled into a routine but still mostly just interact with each other.
I'm thankful that I got a job so quickly and for the adult interaction.  I'm just not cut out to stay home all day.

Well we have to get ready for tomorrow.  My firm is paying for us to walk in the 4th annual UMOM fundraising walk at the Phoenix Zoo.  The kids and I are going to go BRIGHT and early (6am!) to set up a booth sponsored by the firm and then we get to walk around the zoo afterwards.  Wish me luck waking these monsters up that early!

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