Friday, August 24, 2012

My Husband Rocks! The woodworker

When we moved to Arizona the corner computer hutch I used to have just didn't fit in our load and since it was from IKea you know it was the best of quality. :)  So the husband and I decided we would look for a new desk when we got here. 

He's a Craigslist connoisseur so he found this great piece of granite from someone's counter for sale for cheap and then decided since he wasn't working he would put his time to good use in the garage.  Dad and Chad went and picked up this 400 pound piece of granite (Sorry for reinjuring your shoulder!) and then it sat until we had enough of the stuff to start building. 

He would work in the garage from early morning until just before noon when the sun was really scorching and the garage started to heat up.  This was before he devised the water spitting fan that he now has out there!  
He basically made it in two large side pieces but those drawers sure kicked him and his dad's butt!
 He even let Launa get in on the staining action which she loved!


And the finished product:

Two deep and wide drawers on the left hand side.

Multi-colored side panels

One drawer and a hole made specifically for the garbage can and the CPU on the right side and it was complete! 


P.S. - awesome $200 leather computer chair SCORED ON Craigslist too!  
More on our "Storage Wars" adventure later.

Don't you love it? He's so good!  Now he's off creating something else in the garage!

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