Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review: Children's Museum of Phoenix

Yesterday after Googling things to do I stumbled upon the Children's Museum of Phoenix.  Its only a short 20 minute drive from our house so I decided to check it out and invited Grandma to join the kids and I while Chad continued to work on my office desk.

First, online mentioned that some libraries carry Culture Passes where we would be able to check them out and get into the museum for FREE.  Well you know I was on the hunt for them then and after a few phone calls learned that the City of Avondale Library doesn't carry them but all Phoenix libraries do.  And all were checked out.  Boo.  Off to pay full price we went.  Its only $11 per person which seemed a little steep but after we went the kids loved every minute and we totally could have been there from open to close and they still would have complained about leaving.  In total we already spent four hours there so the price was fine.
We ate beforehand so I have no idea about prices in the food area or the gift shop.  Steered clear of both the entire time. :)

We first walked in to this (sorry when I make it larger it gets more blurry)
Its a play structure made out of wires, wood, bathtubs, etc.  Its a gigantic tree house that spans the height of all three stories of the museum.  Don't worry you don't have to go in it to get up to the other floors (which would be kind of cool).  Its big enough for adults to walk through and not have to get on hands and knees through the tunnels and the kids loved making the climb up.  This is the only thing on the first floor and took quite some time to do.  There are all kinds of things up there including a bath tub.

The next two floors are filled with all different kinds of activity centers, artwork on the walls, pictures, etc.  It was great.  There wasn't anything the kids hated.  But they didn't do any art - wanted to do the other activities more.
This was made from flexi pipes with air running through them.  You stick a ball in it and it shoots out somewhere.  Charlie loved these things.

Above was the build a fort room.  To the side is a small place for babies to play while their older siblings do the forts.  Charlie made a girlfriend to play Legos with and Launa found a few little girls to build her fort away from the boys. 

Charlie's favorite room was this ball room.  It had all different kinds of mazes and things for you to drop balls into and watch them go down.  He spent probably 2 hours in this room alone! 

There were random musical instruments made out of normal things.  These are drums.


Launa's favorite was the grocery store and cooking area.  She spent about 2 hours in here while Charlie was in the ball room.  They have different areas for the kids to shop, be checkers, baggers, put groceries back on the shelves, etc.  She was more of the store manager bossing everyone around. :) 


This was sand art on a lighted table. 

Overall it was a great day, very worth the money, and very entertaining for the kids.  Loved it and we will definitely go back, hopefully we can find those coupons next time! 

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