Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Book review: The Shack by William Young

A garage sale find, I finally read this book five plus years after it was popular.

The story is categorized as mostly true about one man's faded memory of his weekend with God following the tragic disappearance and presumed murder of his daughter. The book had some very moving and life altering points of view and practical answers to issues involving grief, death, and why God would allow certain things to happen or not happen. Although there are some religious points that some will very likely disagree with or skeptics who will doubt the entire story, I found it to be a good message and a quick interesting read. It's definitely a read for anyone struggling with issues of forgiveness or death.

I am still not sure if this man spent an actual weekend with God, because why haven't we heard this before? He can't be the only one to do do if this truly is possible, right? That point doesn't matter to me at all really because I did take away a lot from the book and that was the whole point of it wing written in the first place.

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