Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

Taking a que from my girlfriend Michelle I called the post Wacky Wednesday.  Solely because I don't know what to name things when its a hodge podge of information that I'm not sure you even care about. :) 

My mornings have started pretty early lately, around 6am, because I am trying to get out and job and/or bike ride before the temps get into the 90s and since it rarely dips into the mid 80s I start my workouts around 6am when its nice and light out.  I'm still not as familiar with the neighborhoods here that I want to be and I know if I get lost I can use my IPhone GPS to help out but I generally stick to within 3 miles of the house.
I also want to run when its starting to get some traffic because not only does people staring at me make me run faster and longer, but I know I'm less likely to be abducted, raped, and murdered in broad daylight.  I'm not in Polk City anymore and I'm just taking some precautions.  The daily commute starts picking up around 6:30 a.m. so traffic is out and watching me and I feel more safe for some reason.   Not that our neighborhood is all that bustling really with all the retirees around here.  But they are out doing yard work and whatnot early too so it all works out to making me feel safe out all alone.

Launa has been getting jealous of the bike rides lately so I waited until 8am and slept in to let the kids come with me.  We whipped up a strawberry, blueberry, banana, plum, almond milk, cinnamon smoothie and Quaker Oats breakfast bars for them to drink in the trailer while we biked over to the park before the heat struck.  The kids played for 30 minutes or so and then I went 2.5 more miles towing 80+ pounds and I was BEAT.  I'm trying to get my legs strong for the 7k in October so I think that may do it if I keep lugging those big butts around!

Today was a productive day at our house.  Chad spent the morning putting knobs on cupboards, reinforcing a desk for Launa that wasn't too sturdy, putting knobs on my desk, and finishing up some plumbing work in the garage.  I helped Launa get her room in order and reorganized it again and then put the rest of my desk together and worked on making some magnet boards (finished product coming soon).

It was another hot one and the house was scorching inside so we escaped the heat this afternoon into the pool. We had a family contest with the baby boat to see who could get the most air! 


Chad tested out our fruit tree, which we thought was an orange tree, and after a month of us watering and pruning it the fruit seems to be getting edible.  
And we think they are in fact limes! 
The kids loved drinking right from the fruit.

We had fish sticks, mac n cheese, and pineapple for dinner and everyone zonked out within 30 minutes! Its very peaceful right now so I'm about to head out to read my book!

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