Wednesday, April 4, 2012


That's right! All of this incessant cleaning, purging and storage facility rent the size of our house payment fees (what a market! Why didn't I open a storage facility!? I can't believe I've been paying for one!) has all been worth it because our AWESOME realtor sold our house in a little over 90 days!  All of my praying that our my timelines would work out paid off because our closing date is 3 days before our move date and we don't have to be a burden in anyone else's house for any lingering amount of time, just a few days of slumber parties and then the Waughs are off to a new adventure in Sunny Arizona!  Right along with our 90 day timeline we have about that much time to pack and move.  Our yearly garage sale is this weekend so I'm on a pack and purge roll this week.

Thanks for all of the kind thoughts with the sale of the house (even though most of you are anti out of state move!)

Have you ever moved across the country?  Any helpful hints for me?


Joey Taylor-Moon Realty said...

Please do not provide my address to anyone as I will not tolerate being egged or TP'ed over this :)

Amber @ A little pink in the cornfields said...

Congratulations!!! That's awesome, I'm sure it feels amazing! :)