Thursday, April 26, 2012


I took the kids to work the other day for a mini field trip as I had to run errands and they thought it was pretty cool.  My friend at work is going through chemo right now so she was wearing a wrap on her head which Launa found very interesting and had all kinds of questions about.

When we got home this was our conversation:

Mom, why doesn't she have hair?
Because she got sick and the medicine they are giving her makes her hair fall out.
All of it? Even like in her nose?
Even like her arms all over her skin?
Why doesn't she wear a wig?
She does sometimes but today she had her wrap on her head.
What does her wig look like?
Its black just like her regular hair.
Why didn't we pull it off when we went out to eat with her last time? [she is referring to the wig]


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