Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Book Review: Stargazer by Laura Baker

Stargazer was a time traveling love story that I had trouble getting into at first.  I don't like when there are a few words/phrases in a different language because I just skip those and feel like I'm missing out on the story.  I found a glossary for said words/phrases at the end of the book, however had I known about that glossary I still would have skipped over them.  The fact that the phrases/words were in the Warrior's language did not make the tone of the book better for me.  Perhaps the author could have put the English version in paren right after the Warrior language? Just a thought.  Anyhow....the book involved mystery, love, a man with barely any clothes, some sweet love scenes (no sultry language but enough description to create it in your mind:) ), and after about 50 pages became a fast read....I'm just not sure some people would get that far.
You can find this read on Amazon for $.01 or my garage sale next spring :)

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