Monday, September 5, 2011

Book Review: A Man Called Norma by Mke Adkins

I just finished A Man Called Norman by Mike Adkins.
Its a true story about a man in his younger years after he buys a house and attempts to beautify the neighborhood and spread the message of faith at the same time.  He has noticed an older man in town whom many call crazy and just ignored him all his life, only to find out he is now his neighbor.  This was a great story showing how you follow the passion you believe God is giving to you but also live by the old saying that you "Love thy neighbor." 
I liked that it was a true story and I liked that the author did not sugar coat his frustrations and openly stated his questioning of why he was doing certain things when it was repulsive and not gratifying at the time.  The story was a great lesson in life for not only treating your neighbors right but following what you believe is God's plan for you, even when you don't understand it.
I definitely recommend this book. 
I can be found on Amazon for $.01 plus shipping!
Check it out HERE.
It is also a movie so maybe Netflix it for the family.
(Sorry Amazon is not letting me insert the cover photo, etc.  Boo.)
**I was not paid for this review.  These are my opinions only.  I was not given a free copy of this book for the review.  I picked up a copy of this book courtesy of a garage sale.**

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