Monday, August 8, 2011

Back In the Saddle AGAIN....

Tonight is my first night dedicated to my health.  I've signed up for a 5 weeks course at Max Life Fitness (thanks to Living Social it was about 75% off!!).  In light of that I'm also trying to do my best at changing my eating habits, which is my downfall to my gut.  So....I've signed up for a daily email and thought I'd share this amazing information with you this morning.  I'm also going to start updating you on my progress with this 40 day challenge. 

Today's daily email consisted of information on scary ingredients into our food.  We all know processed foods in general are scary and if you can't pronounce it its probably bad for you.  This one stood out to me.  Nitrates.  Coming from Iowa I know that something farmers use on their crops to make them grow and things that pollute the water and you don't really want to eat them.  But...I AM!!! Gross. 

"Scary Ingredient #13: Nitrates and nitrites

 Nitrogen-based compounds that are essential for digestion in small amounts. They occur naturally but are synthetically produced for use in fertilizer and as food additives. They’re commonly used to cure processed meats.

Why they’re scary: Nitrates and nitrites have a tendency to fuse with amino acids to become carcinogenic nitrosamines. Ironically, the processed meats into which nitrates are commonly added are rich with amino acids, making nitrosamine formation very likely. In addition to concerns about cancer, increased nitrate and nitrite intake has been linked to deaths in Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, and Parkinson’s patients. Despite the risks, the valuable use of nitrates and nitrites as inhibitors of botulism warrant their acceptance as food additives in the eyes of the FDA.

Where you’ll find it: Oscar Meyer hot dogs, Hormel bacon, Hillshire Farm deli meat"

To read all 15 scary ingredients click HERE

I feel bad letting the kids survive on hot dogs, bacon and deli meat when I am too lazy can't think of anything else to make for breakfast lunch snack dinner.  I'm definitely going to try to make a change or at least a brand change here.  YUCK.

Stove Top Stuffing made it twice on their list of 15 scary ingredients so we may also be leaning towards steering clear of that one. 

Does this Nitrate information surprise you? What ingredient have you learned about lately that grossed you out that you want to share with us!

Have you tried Max Life or an intense workout program like it?  Any hints or ideas you want to share with me before I get there? 

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