Tuesday, August 9, 2011

40 Day Challenge, Day #1

So I went to day #1 of 40 at Max Life yesterday.  It was a little chaotic since the class was about 30 people and there were the first day requirements of weights and measures and the dreaded photo of you in a sports bra and shorts.  Then we had our physical fitness test.  It was only 2 separate 5 minute cardio tests but HOLY CRAP did they kick my butt.  I felt horrible yet great at the time but this morning when I went to check on the babies I almost biffed it going down our stair.  YES - STAIR.  We have one step.  And I almost ate it for breakfast.

Our 2 stations included 5 minutes of frog squats (finger tips touch the floor in a squat position then hop up like a frog) x 10, push ups x 5 (hands must leave the floor and up near your ears between each push up), and kettle bell squats with a 25 lb weight x 10.  You get one point every time you complete the three exercises and the goal was to get four of these in five minutes.

The second station was 25 jumping jacks (hands must clap at the top of the head and hit thighs on the bottom) and 25 sit ups (elbows have to touch knees) x 5 minutes.  Goal was to get 4 of these in the allotted 5 minutes.  I found this one to be KILLER.

Overall I'm loving the first day and their motto - 1% better every day equals 40% better in 40 days.
And they are not focusing on inches or pounds - just health and overall feeling great.
LOVE IT so far.

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