Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ebay Up!

I've sold a few things on Ebay recently and wanted to share so you can see just how EASY it is to make money on your things and usually more money than your yard sale will bring in.  Its typical that I set a few things aside from my garage sale box area to see if they will sell out of garage sale season and for more on Ebay.  So far my highest all time item was an Elmo dress for $40!! That's more than it was new! Crazy.

Anyway in the last month I've listed 15+ items and only sold 3.  Not a  great ratio but times are tough maybe people really are shopping less?  Here's the breakdown:

18 month old pink sweater/skirt combo - $7.99 paid price, approx $3 shipping (sorry no idea where that darn receipt went!), $.15 ebay listing fee = $4.84 profit

18 month pink CareBears sweatsuit - $9.25 paid price, approx $3 shipping, $.15 listing fee = $6.10 profit

Baby Einstein DVD box set- $32.01 paid price, approx $3.00 MEDIA MAIL shipping, no listing fee = $29.01 profit

Its easy to do so go list some items.  A little bird shared this HINT: THIS WEEK IS FREE LISTING FEES WEEK (if you include only one photograph of your item).  ITS PURE PROFIT WEEK.  You bet I'm busy making some listings.  Granted you may not be able to end on Sunday (as you should with most Ebay listings) but its free so worth a shot!  Clean out those closets folks!

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