Monday, January 24, 2011

Communication/Techology Savings Tips

I picked up this book at the local consignment shop, Treasures & More, for $1.00.  I am a passionate recycler, electricity saver, and cheapskate so I will be sharing a few helpful hints from each chapter with my readers that will not only help our environment but rock your inner frugality at the same time!  Check out these top three hints from this chapter below.
The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time
Chapter 4: I Can't Hang Out with You Because I Have to Call, Text, IM, and E-Mail My Friends All Day

#1 - Unplug.  10% of the electricity used in your house is from devices plugged in that are not in use.  If your cell isn't charging, unplug the charger.  If you aren't expected to use the computer, TV, etc. for multiple days in a row unplug them. EASY PEASY.

#2 - Enable power mode on your computer.  Make the settings go to screen saver and sleep mode after just 15-20 minutes so your machine uses less power when not in use and if you are unable to shut it down totally.

#3 - Use power strips and turn them completely off when not in use.  I purchased a Smart Strip, which was featured on Oprah.  You plug your main item into one specific plug (the computer) and the other items which cannot run without the computer being on (printer, shredder, etc.) into the secondary plugs.  No power is given to the secondary items unless the main item (computer) is turned on.  If you go on vacation turn the entire strip off and unplug it.  This is having you money without doing anything extra but rearranging where you plug the accessories in at.  This would also work in the TV area with the DVD, Satellite, etc.  The strips run about $50 but are said to pay for themselves in no time. 
Try to implement these three tips this month and see if you find you save money.
Do you have helpful ways to save money and conserve energy in technology?  Do share!

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