Friday, January 21, 2011

Book Review: Summer's End by Danielle Steele

Danielle Steel creates another great story that I read in less than a week.  This is a book about a poor teenager who felt obligated to marry an attorney who helped her when her father died.. She stayed with him out of obligation for almost twenty years.  Its one of those marriages nobody on the outside can understand.  Its obvious to everyone that its not working out.  The attorney travels a lot on business and Deanna ends up alone most of the time, left to paint.  However, the attorney finds her painting a hobby and does not see her talent as others around her do.  This book is about a summer when the attorney is gone and how Deanna finds herself in her work, her passions, and new love.  It is a great story, with unexpected tragedy in the middle, and leaves you wanting to know what happened so much so that I read it in less than one week!  Definitely recommend reading this one!

You can get used copies for $.01 and there is a Kindle download on Amazon!  Enjoy!

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