Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Movie Review Monday (a day late)

  The last few movies we watched last week while off taking care of new baby were:

Shutter Island -  I thought this was deemed a super scary movie and we avoided watching it for a few days.  Once we started it was clearly a murder mystery type and not scary at all.  However, I did fall asleep at one point and have to start again (I blame this on a newborn not the movie).  I ended up liking the movie and would recommend it.  ***

Brothers-LOVE LOVED LOVED this military drama.  It shows what could happen in a real life situation with leaving for war and how the family copes while dad is gone and then later returns and how dad copes with the war while at home.  Recommend to all near military families. ***

She's Out of My League - SUPER FUNNY movie good for a laugh.  We were told by several people who great this movie was and I think due to the over talk before we watched it made it hard to enjoy as most of the super funny parts were revealed to us beforehand which is never cool.  However, if you haven't heard anything - see it its awesome.  ***

Overall great movies had by all last week.

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