Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July Celebration!

We celebrated the 4th and the long weekend with a few activities and a few days of nothingness.  Friday night we headed to the Slater celebration where Launa rode in a wagon in the kiddie parade.  She did a lot better at throwing out candy than I thought, although most of it was hoarded and still came home with us.  It was my plan to walk around as much as possible to jump start some labor....plan foiled.

Saturday Launa hit the big parade with her aunt and got a huge bag of candy.  I went to the Farmers Market and the mall for some 5+ miles of walking....and no baby.

Sunday we hit a friend's house and Launa had her first dose of sparklers.  Yes I said Sunday for those of you who knows us.  Its a big deal. 

Monday was another day of not leaving the house - which was awesome.  Launa spent 2+ hours coloring this box, her jeans, her legs, her feet, her hands, etc.  But she loved every minute of it!

Overall it was a good long weekend...but still no baby!

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