Monday, June 28, 2010

Movie Reviews

We have had a subscription to NetFlix for years now and with the new Redbox in town (my sister and I thought of buying into this months ago but were too slow and now just remain poor working class putting our dollars into someone else's pocket...we aren't bitter) we are doing pretty good at keeping up with the new ones.  I thought I'd post our weekly watching and my VERY brief thoughts.

The Box  - a little slow at first but good movie overall.  ***
Valentine's Day - not your typical chick flick - even the husband enjoyed!  *****
Its Complicated - not my typical flick with the message centered around much older folks but still ok. **
Dear John = ***** - LOVED.  Not the ending I wanted/predicted, which made it okay I guess.
Crazy Heart - SLOW SLOW SLOW fell asleep...*
Felon - LOVED - I really do love prison movies and this was a good one. *****

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Darcy said...

I just watched "She's Out of Your League" and I think Chad would even like it. It was really funny in the beginning, I was laughing hysterically out loud, and I was alone!