Friday, June 18, 2010

*Baby Update* 37 weeks

Boy how time can slow down when you are looking at an end to this madness! 

I've officially been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis which happened to rear its ugly head here in the end stages of pregnancy.  I've been losing weight and feeling nasty (ier).  Once we figured it out I was put on some Prednisone which seems to be healing up the colon pretty quickly and things are slowing down to a more normal pace.

I'm officially dilating around 4, without any pain or more progress since they told me this of course.  The one time I welcome some pain and it refuses to come! My ankles to knees are swelling and I'm dragging around what looks like a small tree trunk on the right side of my body. 

Another sign that we were only meant to have two children....none of this craziness happened the first time and I don't want to experience it again!

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