Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fancy Nancy Tea Party

We attended our first ever tea party. It was at the library, themed after Fancy Nancy books. I think L might have paid more attention had we ever read a Fancny Nancy book before but overall it was a success.

We got to do a craft, read 2 books, get nails done, makeup done, and drink tea (or lemonade) and eat cookies (that we decorated ourself...or poored the entire sugar container on top of). It was a fun time, despite no nap.

Launa did not like her position in the group picture and did not hesitate to show it. Also she slipped and fell in her fancy shoes just seconds before that, otherwise it was a fun time.

Did I mention I bought her "fancy" dress at a garage sale for $1!!!

And only me and one other mom dressed up as I was told ALL the mom's do.  I was also the only mom there who was pregnant and had too much cleavage for a kids tea party.....I think both of these may have hindered my real agenda of making some new friends...oh well life goes on.  We are going to try to attend the next Tea Party in October. Sans boobs.

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