Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby News

14 weeks to go in this pregnancy and boy am I starting to show a basketball already! I have a (bigger than normal) sweettooth and that's not good. I go Monday for an appointment for the gestational diabetes test and I hope I pass that without a need for daily finger pokes, etc. I didn't even take this test with Launa so am nervous that there are already indications of it?

Launa is getting more excited everyday asking when the baby is coming. We are getting her room ready for two and are organizing and sorting (and preparing for a HUGE garage sale from these things). She is so far pretty helpful in donating her toys to other kids that need them (that's what I told her) but we haven't gotten to the dolls or dress up yet. She parted with play spiders and puzzles without hesitation.

I am deep cleaning, sorting, donating, selling things from every nook and cranny in our entire house. We are planning on making a BIG move in the near future and don't want to have to move more stuff than needed.

I do plan on selling our dining room table and hutch if you know of anyone....

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